Casino Mate Responsible Gaming

At Casino-Mate, along with player entertainment, we emphasize responsible gaming and our goal is to ensure that entertaining gambling should always be there, with adequate responsibility. In case you feel like the excitement has started affecting you negatively, then we have solutions readily available for you designed in a particular way to help you put things into perspective. We provide recreational services and put in every bit of effort to deliver the best possible casino experience. However, discipline and self-control are fundamental to us.

Responsible Gaming has become an important topic in the modern world due to the various concerns faced by gamblers. Online gambling is fun and should be enjoyed. However, there are certain significant points to keep in mind and beware of the seriousness of gambling. This will help you prevent any negative consequences at a personal level, such as excessive spending, addiction or neurological disorders.

Responsible play at Casino Mate for players from Australia - guarantees

Gaming Limits

We at Casino-Mate request you adhere to responsible gaming guidelines. You can apply limits to your account to spend in control by contacting our administrative department and asking for the same. The request will be processed within 24 hours of making the call. It can be done on a day-to-day, monthly or weekly schedule.

Cool-off Period

It is a type of break which is specifically designed as a temporary pause to your account such that it will be locked for some time, like 24 hours, 7 or 30 or 90 days. Contact us at Customer Support and we will restore your account before reaching the end of the period.

Temporary player exclusion from Casino Mate as a way to abstain from gambling

Exclusion Period

The exclusion period lasts a minimum of six months. During this time, you can stay away for as much time as you need and all your accounts will be closed with total security. In case you want your account back, it will only be possible after 6 months. In case any external party or agent requests for the exclusion of a player from our services, that person will be contacted for verification and considering the circumstances, the player will also be intimated before taking any steps. If you lock your account for a particular time frame, the decision of exclusion lies solely on you.

How to Gamble Responsibly at Casino-Mate

We, at Casino-Mate, want our players to have delight and fun with gambling, but also ensure their personal safety. If you feel miserable due to any untoward circumstances or if you only wish to know how it works before actually involving yourself in gambling, follow the tips below:

  1. Use the special options, such as setting gaming limits, cool-off or exclusion periods by requesting the administration.
  2. Know about the Terms and Conditions. If there is any additional query, ask freely.
  3. Most games have a demo mode for beginners. It is suitable for newbies to try them out and see whether they are interested in gambling or not without actually wagering their money.
Ways to limit in Casino Mate - demo mode, self-exclusion, game and money limits

Keep it in Perspective

Just like everything else, gambling should be done moderately. Keeping track of the time you spend online and the amount spent in gambling can help you. In case you need any personal help, you should ask comfortably and also get a much-needed break by requesting us.

Getting Help

There are independent organisations who are available 24×7 for anyone needing any advice or help related to an issue of gambling

Gambling therapy:

Restricting gambling to minors at Mate Casino

Protection of Minors

We do not allow underaged users to register, deposit, or gamble at Casino Mate. Your age needs to be either 18 years or older to play with us. Our policy provides adequate procedures to confirm the legal age of our customers. So they are requested to verify their identity by sending a soft copy of any official document with their date of birth mentioned.

In case you know that a minor is using our services, you can contribute to the age-awareness and reach out to us either through email or live chat on our website or through a phone call.

Skill vs Luck

At Casino-Mate, we believe in reality. Despite the popular demand to win every game you play, it is not possible. There are certain games where luck plays an important role and in other games, personal skills also play their part.

Being an online casino, we promote fair play. To ensure unbiased results for all, the games use random number generator technology. Therefore, it depends on the luck of the gambler either to win or lose. Hence, we cannot influence the results or the gaming process.

About the difference between skill and luck in the casino game at Mate Casino