Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is one of the key guidelines for customer cooperation with Casino Mate. This guide will explain what information is collected, what it is used for, and how it is protected. We recommend that you read this guide in its entirety before proceeding. By agreeing to the collection and storage of your data when you register, you are entrusting your data to Casino Mate.

Privacy Policy at Casino Mate
What data of players the Casino Mate Gather

What Kind of Data Do We Gather?

All information collected in the course of the cooperation between the customer and Casino Mate can be divided into Personal and Non-Personal Information. As the name implies, the information differs in the concentration of data about the customer. For example, non-personal information cannot be used to identify the customer. On the other hand, any personal information can be used to identify an individual.

Personal information

Information that can be classified as personal data includes the following:

  • Contact info (e-mail, mobile phone number);
  • Account holder info (first name, last name, username, or password);
  • Location data (home address or temporary residence address);
  • Photo to prove your identity (passport, driving license);
  • Photo to prove your location (utility bill);
  • Banking info (details of bank cards, payment systems, etc.).

All personal information is necessary to ensure the correct cooperation between Casino Mate and its customers. With the information you provide, we can increase the level of protection of your account and prevent unknown fraudsters from accessing your account, as well as protect your account from unwanted transactions.

personal information of the players of Casino Mate
non-personal information of the players of Casino Mate

Non-personal information

Non-personal information includes the following items:

  • Data about the user’s activity on the platform is collected through cookies;
  • Info about the device used to access the platform;
  • History of the gaming experience at other gaming organizations;
  • History of communication with support via online chat or email.

Non-personal information is used more often than personal information. Casino Mate may use non-personal information collected through cookies and other platform scripts to promote its marketing services. This information will allow us to send you promotional offers via email. Each user can opt out of the use of cookies and automated emails.

How We Use Your Data

Casino Mate uses the info it collects in a variety of ways. Generally, all of this info is used to improve our services or protect consumer rights, and resolve disputes. Below is an overview of the main ways we use the info we collect:

  • Controlling. For proper management and account creation;
  • Marketing. Marketing is probably the most important use of the data we collect. Cookies and various scripts allow us to see player activity in real-time and draw conclusions about player preferences. We can compile a list of new promotions based on customer demand. We use the data we need for reporting and internal analytics. You can receive email and SMS alerts on your mobile phone. But as mentioned above every customer has the right to refuse this service or to deactivate it;
  • Problem-solving. Although Casino Mate is a quality platform, it is very rare for problems to arise with the account or website. It is for resolving such issues that we need the information we have gathered;
  • Dispute Resolution. Should any disputes arise, we have the right to refer to our records (communication with the support team) and use them as evidence in resolving disputes;
  • General development. With this data, we can get an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of Casino Mate. This will enable us to develop and provide a better service.

These are the main points of use of the information collected. If you are interested in the entire usage list, you can contact our support team at any time to get an answer to your question.

How Casino Mate uses player data
How Casino Mate Keep and Protect players data

How We Keep and Protect Your Info

We use many robust security methods to keep your data secure. There are three main levels of security:

  • Encryption. The strongest security method you can use to store your data is 128-bit SSL encryption. This is the encryption used by banks and stock exchanges. You can be confident that the data you submit is safe;
  • Datacenter. Our second most important level of security is the use of various data centers in different countries with the highest levels of security;
  • Servers. All the collected and encrypted information is located on separate servers. Only specially trained staff members have access to the information. It is worth noting that no employee has access to the client’s login and password information.

We are constantly improving and perfecting our data protection system. We strive to provide the best possible performance even in protecting our customers’ data.

Does Casino Mate share your data?

Casino Mate will only share your information in exceptional circumstances as set out in our company policy. We will share some of your information in the following circumstances:

  • Personnel. We share your information with specially trained staff who need this information to promote and improve our services;
  • Franchise. We share information with our franchisees’ offices as part of established agreements;
  • Legislation. We may share your information as a result of legal proceedings, audits, or inspections by third-party companies specially licensed or authorized to do so.

Any other use is strictly prohibited. You agree to this privacy policy when you register. Any customer may correct their details at any time should they change.

To whom Casino Mate can share player data
Contact Information Casino Mate

Contact Information

If you have any questions about Casino Mate’s privacy policy, you can contact support via live chat or by sending an email ([email protected]) to support. All queries will be dealt with in the order in which they are received. If you have already made such a request, please wait for a reply so as not to increase the waiting time for other users or make the support team’s work more difficult. Please be polite and tactful when contacting the support team. All complaints and complaints regarding the privacy policy should be sent to the email address provided.